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Evidence for Sustainable Human Development Systems in Africa


dais1EVIHDAF offers comprehensive, fit-for-purpose survey research services and qualitative techniques (such as focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and key informant interviews). The goal is to empower customers to gain insights on issues that matter, and make informed, data-driven decisions. Our solutions are customized to our clients’ needs and include:

Survey Design, sampling and administration: Simple and complex, random and non-random sample designs for representativeness, efficiency, and cost; data collection protocols and instruments and their pre-testing for accuracy.

Data collection and operations: Quantitative and qualitative, paper-based and electronic data collection and processing through a variety of methods, with in-built flexibility, quality assurance and security at all levels.

Data analysis, reporting and dissemination: Primary and secondary analysis, synthesis and tailoring of findings to audience needs.

Delivering on the ambitious sustainable development goals requires a deliberate attention to systems. Sound, reliable information systems are the foundation of decision-making across development goals. A functional information system gets the right information into the right hands at the right time, enabling managers, policymakers and stakeholders to make informed decisions. Ultimately the information forms the basis of accountability for government and partner commitments.

EVIHDAF supports governments, development partners and national stakeholders to design, execute, monitor, strengthen and scale up information systems across our three practice areas:

dais1Health information systems: Health information systems are crucial to a functional health system, yet they are not prioritized in most African countries where basic primary health care is a challenge. EVIHDAF provides services related to data collection from the health and other relevant sectors; timely data analysis, quality check and relevance; and conversion into information to provide the underpinnings for decision-making.

Food security and nutrition information systems: EVIHDAF develops tailored food and nutrition security information systems, ensuring data accuracy and integrity for proper analysis and decision making. Our offer includes – but not limited to - collection, analysis and interpretation of nutrition-related data to detect malnutrition and food insecurity, identify trends, inform timely and effective actions and interventions to improve the nutritional status of populations.

Agricultural information systems: An agricultural information system generates and consolidates information and feeds back in a synergistic way to ensure knowledge utilization by stakeholders in the agricultural sector. EVIHDAF develops agricultural information systems and provides evaluation assessment for existing ones to underpin knowledge utilization by agricultural producers and their support networks.

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