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Evidence for Sustainable Human Development Systems in Africa


dais1The attainment of most health and development goals often requires a change of mindset and behavior by individuals and communities, as well as a change of norms that underpin those behaviors. For example, decisions about whether to use health services are influenced by social factors – the social determinants of health - such as social norms, religious beliefs, social support, cultural traditions, local or national policies, and the role of women in decision-making. It has been consistently shown that evidence-based social and behavior change strategies (SBCS) activities can have a significant effect on individuals, communities and institutions to make better decisions with long-lasting impacts on health, nutrition and well-being.

EVIHDAF informs and supports evidence-based Social and Behaviour Change programs that can positively influence knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and social norms.


Besides research and evaluation services, our offer includes:

Design of SBC interventions
Community and stakeholder mobilization
Implementation and monitoring of SBC programs

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