Health and Health Systems (HHS)

Sustainable Development Goal 3 aims to improve reproductive, maternal and child health; end the epidemics of major communicable diseases; reduce non-communicable and environmental diseases; achieve universal health coverage; ensure access to safe, affordable and effective medicines and vaccines for all.

EVIHDAF brings together staff and consultants with vast experience in the subject areas of:

- Maternal, newborn and child health
- Family planning and reproductive health
- Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases
- Non-communicable diseases
- Health System Strengthening

Vertical and disease-specific programs are indeed the entry points to improving population health. EVIHDAF also supports programs that strengthen the health system to provide sustained, equitable access to quality services by carrying out the inter-related functions of:

- Service delivery
- Health workforce
- Health information systems
- Access to essential medicines and technologies
- Health care financing
- Leadership and governance

These components are defined by the World Health Organization as the health system’s building blocks.